A piece of me…

I had a brain tumor. A wee little bit of it is still left in my head out of necessity. For all intents and purposes it’s benign and there’s only a slight chance it will start to grow again. I know how disturbing a diagnosis like this can be, and perhaps you found this blog while looking for support. That’s the idea, because frankly, when I was diagnosed and in the days following the surgery, there wasn’t much support out there.

My type of tumor is supposedly rare. I don’t know what caused it. I don’t know how to prevent it from coming back. I can only find things that are proactive to make me feel better. An important part of this self preservation is not knowing the exact name of the type I have. I don’t want to know. If I were to learn it and happen to stumble upon the name of it on the internet, I don’t want to be possessed to learn more about it, therefore instill more fear in my body. I don’t need more fear. So please, don’t try to find out on my behalf.

My intent here is to share my story. Not just about my tumor, but my whole blessed life, if you’re interested. I’ll talk some about my faith and my spirituality. And I’ll throw in some geeky humor for good measure.

I’m already apprehensive about this whole thing, but I feel like it needs to be done. If for nothing else than for my own sanity, such as it is.

I’m hoping not to attract any drama, but I follow a few blogs so I know how it can get. If you’re harassing me or other posters, or if you use vulgar language, you will automatically be booted and blocked. No warning, no exceptions. Seriously. My head can’t take it.

Please don’t expect me to type formally. I do know how to speak correctly, but I am another queen of the typo. Plus, quite frankly, sometimes I speak and think in such a way, that I simply cannot be controlled by punctuation. Oh, and I’m a Midwesterner raised by southerners, so there’s that.

One more thing. If you have any questions or think I’ve said or done something inappropriate, please just message me. I’d rather talk to people civilly and straighten things out (or agree to disagree) than for one of us to be mad and not ever get any answers. (With the exception of the rule above, of course.)


11 thoughts on “A piece of me…

  1. Maurene says:

    Loved it!

  2. sherrie says:

    Blog on! Much love!

  3. Thanks, Sherrie! I appreciate you stopping by. šŸ™‚

  4. Indeed. Blog on! šŸ™‚

  5. PS, thanks for listing me on your blog roll. I’m going to add you to mine in kind. šŸ™‚

  6. paininhidingabuse says:

    like your intentions ..would love to follow your blog!

  7. Jessica says:

    My mom just found out she has a tumor on her brain but they haven’t to her much yet. We go this Tuesday to see a surgury doctor and a Nero doctor jan 27. She has had a lot of headaches n double vision and falling down but don’t know why. Are these similar to what you went through??? Can you tell me how you found out?? And did you have surgury and how long was your recovery???

    • Hi Jessica. Wow. I’m so sorry your mom (and you) are going through this. If you poke around my blog a little, you’ll get a more in depth look at my symptoms. (The posts under ‘Symptoms and Diagnosis’ should get you started.) Briefly, though, my symptoms started with a sharp pain in the left side of my nose, pressure, and then I saw colors. Loss of balance followed, though I never fell. I certainly felt like I would multiple times. I had a dull headache all of the time, unmanageable by medication, and one major headache when I almost had my husband take me to the hospital. At first my doctor thought it was a sinus or inner ear issue, so she sent me to an ENT (ears, nose and throat) doctor, who (after multiple tests) sent me for a MRI. That’s the day I found out about the tumor.

      My ENT set me up the next day with a neurosurgeon, and a few days later I was in surgery. I was in ICU for 4 days and then a regular room for two days before I was released.

      It’s been just over two years and my prognosis is good.

      I wish you and your mom the best. Let me know how things go.
      ~ Prism Balance

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